Why should any company need outplacement?

3 reasons why your company should look into it if you are laying off employees

Layoffs can be an emotional and difficult situation that no one wants to face. It may be a time of uncertainty, and loss of income and job security. In the post pandemic era, HR leaders need the best advise as to how better manager talent. This is why having someone available to help your employees land a new and exciting job soon can be crucial in improving employee morale, your brand reputation and preserving the culture at your company.

What is outplacement?

Outplacement consists of services that help departing employees transition to new jobs. They may include assistance with resume updates, job search and help reducing stress for employees during this difficult time. Employers pay for these services as a way to help those who have lost their jobs and for whom reduced income has now become a concern.

Outplacement services often ensure a peaceful end to a working relationship, and help mitigate risks for the employer, being as beneficial to the employee as well as to the company. All things considered, using outplacement services helps both parties professionally and monetarily. 

Great for your employees

Considering that every person is different, and has different needs and expectations, having an outplacement strategy that includes tailored plans for each individual is essential. Outplacement coaching efforts that are specifically designed for your employees will increase their chances of finding a meaningful job that aligns with their career goals. By having both group and individual sessions, Coaches and mentors can closely monitor the employee’s progress and attitude towards this unexpected change.

Great for your business

Whenever your company is faced with mandatory layoffs or layoffs in general, it is important to make sure you have a strong plan in place to make sure these events go off as smoothly as possible. 

As an employer, it is key that you think not only of the employees that were laid off, but also of the ones that remain. Layoffs can cause disruptions among your team, and team members may become anxious if they’re wondering if they’ll be next and have no plan in place. By offering them outplacement services, you give those employees that are leaving confidence and a solid ground to stand on. 

And the ones remaining will become more loyal to the company by seeing that their teammates are getting taken care of. They will also be rest assured that in the event that they’re unfortunately let go in the future, they can expect the same great treatment as well.

Which services do you need?

Our services are charged per person and comprise of a 90 month follow up after job termination. They include : 

  • Change Management Workshops: Held either online or in person, these sessions aimt to provide a framework with how to deal with a career change and tangible steps to navigate stress and uncertainty.
  • Update the candidate’s CV and adapt it to new A.I. standards
  • Career Mobility Coaching
  • Intro to recruiters 
  • Preparation for retirement 
  • Preparation for Gig Economy 
  • Talent development (upskilling or reskilling plan)

Why should you invest in it?

Outplacement is a great strategy to implement in today’s day and age because job searching has become a process that has lost its human touch. Your employees might be going through highly stressful situations alone after losing their jobs. Having a program that helps them manage their stress and land them a new job they love will be priceless to them and speak volumes of your company’s culture.

For our Coaches and Mentors at Saber de Panamá and Proximus Consulting, Outplacement has been part of our portfolio of services for over 32 years. Now with Ofrece Tu Talento, we offer a horizontal integration towards career mobility and re-skilling for a new job opportunity.

Let’s hear from the experts:

“An outplacement program opens the door for future professional experiences regardless of industry or country. It helps professionals by healing wounds and building resilience for the future”. 


“Reputation and legacy are key for the future of any company. And this begins by how we treat our employees (past and present). Our clients create lasting legacy by supporting the future of former co-workers through outplacement” – Ana Lorena 

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